I don’t know why I’m doing this to myself. I deactivated my facebook a couple months ago. It’s been really nice. I don’t have to worry about what I will see and also, just to not be so addicted. But I’ve been thinking since we’re not officially trying right now, I’m ok so I should maybe get back on facebook and limit. So I’m going through and hiding newsfeeds and deleting people. Oh you just got married? Unsubscribe. Only post your new baby pictures? Unsubscribe. Also, I keep going to peoples pages who I wonder if they’re pregnant. Of course they are! I must love to torture myself. I heard of something that turns baby pictures into something else of facebook…maybe I’ll check it out! ha

It’s been mostly a good week trying to let things go. The hardest part is trying to ignore the fact that I was obviously ovulating…and then to know and not to make sure Matt is aware. It just so happened we had sex right during that perfect time. So now it’ll be really hard to not think about these next two weeks. Of course, without any confirmation I could be off on my O date, but I doubt it.

The moral of the story is:  I guess I’m still not ok.


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