Last night, I thanked Jesus for the pain of the last year.

Yeah, I really said that. And no, I can’t believe it either. You see, compassion hasn’t been something I’m gifted with. I think mainly I’m learning that I am simply so selfish, I have little time to care for others. Heres to hoping the tides have turned!

A couple in our small group at church shared last night about their 18 year old daughter who was just diagnosed with cancer. This is the same daughter of theirs who I was supposed to be mentoring, but it hasn’t really worked out and we’ve only got together once. She just graduated high school and is going to start school for photography this fall. Well she was supposed to.

My heart breaks for her parents and for her in a way it hasn’t really before. I had to fight tears while we prayed for them. And that’s when I realized; my heart hurts so deeply for them because my

heart has been hurt so deeply.

It’s a long awaited answer to prayer. Not the way I would have wanted to learn to hurt for people, but nevertheless, I am thankful for my pain.


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