I hate the TWW (two week wait). But it hasn’t effected me this much in a few months. Guess I forgot how annoying it is. Every day wondering, am I pregnant right now? I feel more hopeful this month than I have in a while. Maybe it’s because we’ve been on the vitamins for about three months now…so they should actually be working! Also, I think I’d like to believe God brought me through the hell of June for a reason and now since we’re past that, He will bless me. How sweet would that be? It sure would make all the crap of the past couple months worth it. Plus, Matts birthday is Tuesday. I decided if AF hasn’t showed by then I will test then because, what a great gift that would be!

Today I’m 9DPO.Normally, after ovulation my left breast hurts. Weird, I know. Well both have been hurting. Like an idiot I think “Maybe it means something!” so what do I do? I get up this morning and take a test. Haven’t even taken a test in a few months. And what do you know. BFN. This is after having a very vivid dream of a beautiful BFP. I’ve had dreams where I was pregnant before, but never where I actually saw a BFP. I can still see those two beautiful pink lines! 
….think maybe I should go back to bed.