A Fresh Start

Here I go reviving a blog I didn’t keep up to begin with! This time, it’s the beginning of an exciting new start for us, rather than a hard and sad time. Since I still need to remember who the anchor to my soul is, I decided to keep this blog.

Last Wednesday we moved to Michigan after living in Indiana for seven years. We have wanted to move out of the city for a while, but were not sure where. After many months of hoping, planning and praying, we are in Holland! We have so many hopes and dreams for life up here. I know how reality can be though. Which is why I wanted to blog about our life. I’m hoping that if for no other reason, it helps me stay accountable.

One of the biggest ways we want to start over is how hospitable we are. It’s not that different from when we moved to Indy actually. But then the church plant we were a part of closed and sadly we let that begin to shift our focus for loving people around us. Then began a season of hardship in our life and we let that turn us more and more inward. Though we were usually pretty open about what was going on in our lives, I feel like practically we didn’t let many people surround us. And lastly, our house was very small and did not make it easy or even practical to have guests over.

Why is this a big issue for us? Because we know that as life happens in the home, so do relationships. We don’t want to live a life in isolation. Though that would be fairly easy for us as introverts. Our default is to retreat to our home alone. And I’m not saying I think that is bad. But I am saying I want to stretch to love others by inviting them into my life, imperfect as it is. I want to live outward focused. And that means being stretched by being more willing to attend events when we are invited also!

However, that is by no means all I will write about. I’ve thought about what I want the focus of this blog to be. And well, rather than focus on one or a few parts of my life, it’s just going to be about everything. That will likely include motherhood, home renovating and decorating, JesusĀ and anything else that is happening in our lives!

As you can see, we are excited to be here! And it wouldn’t be right to not share a picture of my 16 month old (!!!).