The Crazy of Infertility

I had a lot of better ideas for a post, but now this is on my mind. So sorry for the lame post.

Today is CD14. Yep, time to be gettin it on. Matt will be thrilled, ha.  Anyway, that’s not my point. The last four days I’ve been cramping. I often will get a cramp or two around O, but not consistently, and not this early. So what do I do? I begin to think, “Maybe I’m pregnant.” Ridiculous right? I mean, I had my period two weeks ago. Yet I know crazier things have happened. Because the cramping  has remained (and its not painful, just dull aching), I decided to take a test. Yep, that’s how crazy I am. To balance my crazy out, I decided to take an OPK with it. This was after I got home from work. So I took it, then went and made lunch. Totally forgot about it. About 45 minutes later I come back to this,



Yeah. So now what am I supposed to do with that? Logically, the test sat too long and I should have thrown it away and not even looked at it. Infertility makes you crazy though, so I had to look! And now, logically I shouldn’t think anything of it. But I can’t help myself! The OPK was positive or almost positive as well…also after sitting that long. Honestly, I’ve taken a few dozen of these tests and that is the closest to a second line I’ve ever seen. Even after sitting (yeah, I have a habit of letting them sit)……someone please bring me back to reality. We have infertility…there is no way we can I can be pregnant…I’m in the middle of my cycle……

This is why I hate infertility. Even when you know you can’t be pregnant, even after you’ve done your best to come to terms with that, even after it/you’ve squashed all hope, hope rears it head again. Always to bring you back down to reality; you are infertile and cannot get pregnant. 


5 thoughts on “The Crazy of Infertility

  1. Is it at all possible you had a chemical pregnancy? You definitely cannot ovulate with any hCG in your system…scientifically impossible from what I’ve read. However, I’ve heard that OPK’s can somehow show positive from hCG because it’s like a “sister hormone” to LH or something crazy like that. I’d take another Wondfo hCG test with FMU and see what it says. If there is still a line there, I’d say you are pregnant and need to get a blood test stat. GL!

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