Longest 20 Minutes

Today during my lunch break, I called the insurance company. I finally had been given the company policy number and gave it to the lady. She proceeded to look it up. She took her sweet time. She asked my name. She asked the companies name. She hemmed and hawwed. I was going crazy! Honestly, I have not been thinking too much about finding out this answer. But now that it was here, I was a nervous wreck. In a sense it was nice because it gave me time to think, time to pray.

Lord I trust you. No matter what happens, I trust you. 

I said Psalm 13 multiple times. “But I trust in your steadfast love. My heart shall rejoice in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord because he has dealt bountifully with me.”

By the time she found what she was looking for, I was basically crying.

Finally, she said “It looks like yes, infertility is covered.”
OMG. I asked her if it just said “Yes” its covered or what it said. She went into to details that confirmed, we will have coverage. 

I told her, “That is amazing. You have made my day.” 

Then I got off the phone and cried. I couldn’t stop crying! I really can’t believe it . I mean, how crazy that the job he got is based in Illinois! And their policy has coverage! I have to believe its an answer to prayer. Of course, I know treatment does not equal a baby. But to be able to go through treatment to try without going into debt, is a huge blessing. 

We have a lot to pray about in the next three months while we wait for it to kick in. Do we proceed with treatment right away? My heart says yes, of course. But the reality is, we’re really not financially stable in anyway right now. What would I do if we got pregnant and after the baby came? Right now, I have to work. So then who would watch the baby? All those things we have to think about. Whether or not we pursue treatment immediately, I feel  very blessed to have this. 


4 thoughts on “Longest 20 Minutes

  1. So glad to hear your news! What a wonderful answer to prayer. God is good! I’ll keep praying for you guys as you are considering timing and finances and everything.

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