Today I’m angry. This morning I switched shifts with someone so I could get off earlier so we can go to Matt’s mom’s for the weekend to celebrate his birthday. I’m still getting used to this new store and the customers. I haven’t worked early in the morning on Saturday in a while. Well, it was a constant flow of runners coming in. On ny drive in to work, I saw a large group runners.  I’m sure they were a training group. So I’m angry because I hate my job now. I hate that it’s Saturday and I could never join a training program because they are all Saturday morning. Then with all the customers at work, I’m angry because I can’t run. Last year this time I was running a lot training for my first half marathon. Back then I still believed everyone got pregnant even when they didn’t want to. So naive.  training shouldn’t be a problem right? A year later and I still think maybe that’s true for everyone, except me. I have to maximize my chances. Maybe that hard work on my body would be fine, but maybe not. So I can’t take a chance. And that pisses me off. I want to be training for another half or even full marathon. I am jealous of the freedom all these people have. To make it worse, the flow of customers became runners with babies and children. So not only can you run and conceive easily, you can run with your two month old baby, or with your three children and husband!! Life is just so great for you I’m so thrilled. Blah. While you’re at it, why don’t you complain to me about how you need to lose the baby weight. Must be soooo hard for you. Fml.


1 thought on “Run

  1. I can so relate to your feelings. I’ve had to cut WAY back on exercise, and haven’t done more than 30 min of any type of cardio for over a year now. I know for a fact too much exercise screwed up my body…not getting a period for 3 yrs was probably an indicator ya think? I gained 20 lbs. and it’s taken a lot of soul searching to re-find my identity and accept myself as I am. It’s SO hard to sacrifice that part of what we love, especially when other people can do it and still conceive just fine. I really think you are doing the right thing by scaling back! Your time will come if you stay on the right path for you.

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